Compile errors (MinGW / SDL)

I followed the directions in for compiling under MinGW, and got a massive spam of thigns alongs the lines of:

: undefined reference to 'SDL_(various things here)

running windows 7 64 bit, and as I said, followed the instructions in for MinGW.
Very new to this type of thing, any help is appreciated.

It looks like the SDL2_image library is included, but the main SDL2 library is not (the references could be out of order). Which instructions are you using for Windows, the MinGW download or MSYS2?

MinGW instructions.
EDIT: poking it today, noticed something I forgot to mention. the first thing is spits out to me when I run the make command (before g++) is a pair of: make: sdl2-config: Command not found
so the main SDL library being screwed makes sense, but I have no clue what I did wring in installing it.

It’s trying to run a program (sdl2-config) that tells it where the SDL libraries are, but it can’t find the program.
I don’t know if the mingw environment normally has those programs available.

Seems so obvious in hindsight, thanks.
Just needed to toss the sdl2-config from sdl’s bin folder into the cataclysm directory.

I think for MinGW the bin/local bin folders have to be added to your Windows path variable so make can execute it without needing to know exactly where it is.

Already had the MinGW bin folder in in my path