Chitin to charcoal

Is there a way to change it so that the rock charcoal kiln (or any of the charcoal kilns) can turn chitin into charcoal? I tried digging around in the game files, but couldn’t find anything.

I spawned near an ant hill, and it’s been a great source of mutant meat (to trade) and sinew to craft, but the chitin and endo chitin has been piling up, and I don’t need so much chitin powder for fertilizer

I was thinking that since chitin and cellulose (the most prominent compound in wood) are mostly the same thing, it makes sense, since bones can also be turned into charcoal, and they’re mostly made of calcium and phosphorus.

u can make chitin armor

Endo chitin is only good for making powder out off. I suggest grinding it up using a windmill as it saves you a lot of crafting. And than you can use it to make all of the hemostatic powder you could ever need and burn the rest.

i havent completely memorized all the game recipes (theres a lot) but im pretty sure you can endochitin as a replacement for tendons if you dont have any, also im pretty sure its used for the chitin armor sets

Nope, you really can only make chitin powder out of it.