CDDA Android keeps crashing

CDDA on Android keeps crashing everytime i try to load a new character into the world. It shows this error list. Just to note, im not using the app version of the game, im using the latest experimental apk.

Unfortunately I could only post one screen shot, and couldnt fit everything. My reddit is u/Throwaway89278 if you’d like to DM me so i could give you the other screen shots.

It happens to me with a stable apk (from releases page) sometimes too, and I remember it happenning in 0.F-3 as well, and the only solution I found was clearing app cache entirely. I suspect its some sort of android UI bug, game tries to draw something it cannot on Android.

I tried clearing my app cache but it didn’t work. But, when you mentioned it may be the game trying to draw something it cannot, i disabled all item art and that didnt work either.