CBM's with the mutated body

what will be with the CBM’s - for example - for CBM in the head, if the head in the mutated body is absent?
i mean i mutate, my head drop-off, will i lost my head-lighter?
if i lost my legs - is my joint ratchets will be lost?

BoA in the cartoon “38 Parrots” angrily asked the Monkey, “which hands?!! which legs!!?” (From boa no arms or legs, but the monkey decided to make all her friends to do morning exercises, “stand on the floor, wider hands”).

This has been discussed, and the general consensus is “we’ll get around to it eventually”.

oops sorry for the dup, but can you post link to this topic?

Just search “mutations and CBMs”, there have been a lot of topics about this.

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