CBM variety - Mark 2 versions and cheap "counterfeit" versions

Bringing variety to CBMs.

We could have Mark 2 or even Mark 3 versions of CBMs, which would perform an identical function, but they’d come with advantages over the standard Mk1 versions.

  • They could be more energy-efficient.
  • They could be easier or more difficult to install. (more difficult installation if stronger ability)
  • The ability that the CBM provides could be stronger.

The counterfeit, knock-off CBMs…

  • Could be easier to install
  • They could be more prone to EMP damage (and related bionic power drain).
  • They’d do their advertised job but they’d come with a side-effect, ranging from minor nuisance to something serious (refer to existing negative effects of malfunctioning CBMs)
  • They could shutdown or refuse to function at times, and they could go into lockout mode for a period of time when that happens. (Devs: Consideration should be exercised with situations such as shutting down while crafting).
  • They could break completely, turning into malfunctioning CBMs. Breakdown could be on a constant small chance, or it could happen after a set amount of time (with some randomness), or it could happen after a set amount of uses (with some randomness). Certain warning signs should be presented prior to complete failure, possibly at increasing intervals.
  • Upon breakdown the CBM could possibly eject itself from the body, inflicting varying levels of pain and damage.
  • Alternatively, failing CBMs could simply render themselves inert and harmless, and stay in the body. You could choose to leave it there as a memento, or remove it.

I like the idea of counterfeit CBMs meaning there was a massive market for them.

I like this idea, too.

Not so sure about Mark II versions since power storage and generation never seems to be a problem for me… but I do like the idea of a substandard tier. Not sure about their exact designation as ‘counterfeit’ though.

[spoiler]Given that the US never developed an industrial trade agreement with The Far East in this universe I’d guess that easier enforcement of copyright law probably kept actual counterfeiting lower than in our universe.

Alternate History aside: perhaps Mexico/SA developed into our cheap manufacture in the 90s instead of China… Japan likely remained a high end electronics and robotics developer until I’d guess that the rest of the United Socialist East finally got their revenge for WWII, sparking a large migration/refugee population to the US (hence the prevalence of Japanese cultural items in New England.)

[/spoiler]HOWEVER… Shadowrun style cybernetic ‘chop shops’ might have totally been a thing. Second-hand cybernetics are already referenced in the cyberjunkie background and a good percentage of most player’s cybernetics are technically ‘pre-owned’. Sure you cleaned most of the gunk out, but they’ll never have that off-the-shelf fit and tailoring of a professionally installed unit.

I just realized I put things in me that have been in zombies.

Generally straight from the zombie to inside me within a matter of minutes, and without the slightest bit of cleaning first. Take THAT, hygiene!

Generally straight from the zombie to inside me within a matter of minutes, and without the slightest bit of cleaning first. Take THAT, hygiene![/quote]
Just take the goo out and you are ready to go.