CataModder - Tool for editing Cataclysm files (r30 - Recipes Bugfix)

I’m using that too, stone and I’m having no probs. I’m modding the stable, if that helps.

Ill retry on my fiance’s laptop, with the stable build, heres to hoping it works :stuck_out_tongue: Edit** Retried and it still wont work for me, :frowning: well when i get on my computer maybe tomorrow or the next day ill make a video, so someone can point out whether or not its me or the program derp! xD

Hmm. Well, I bid you good luck, and massive sexy times with your soon to be wife.

I love this program, but professions and such do not work right.

I’m mystified by these errors, stone, but I’m adding more error checking around the areas you mentioned (always a good idea anyway), so if you can download the new version when I post it maybe we can get more information about what’s going on. I would have said from the errors that your JSON files were messed up, but that doesn’t seem likely.

@TheGrifter - Yep, only supports Items and ItemGroups right now, and the next one I’m going to work on is recipes.

Oh and im using Microsft.NET 4.5 Edit:** I also think this tool should be stickied :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, I agree that it should be stickied.

Do you think you could make a more indepth description of how to make an item step by step? I’ve gotten the program to work just fine, I just think I might be messing up somewhere. Im mainly trying to add some new guns and ammo, and thats where I’m getting most of the issues.

When I select the raws, nothing appears in the entries and I downloaded the Net.4 Microsoft thing. What do I do?

Tinkered with it a a bit, seems pretty good overall. Is certainly going to come in handy for a lot of people.
haven’t tried making items, not yet anyway. Simply raised and lowered the frequencies of certain items to my liking. (backpacks EVERYWHEREEEE!)

I’m not sure what you did, but its working fine now thank you, my carpel tunnel thanks you :stuck_out_tongue:

This kinda mugged up my game. Causes errors on the Ranged JSON file at line 1 and all the way at the bottom. Weird.

I am uploading the promised second version now. The link will be in the first post.

Recipes aren’t quite there yet, unfortunately.

Notable changes:

  • Fixed autocomplete on item_groups.json file
  • Made autocomplete better
  • Added an options menu with a few options to control exporting (the last option doesn’t yet work)
  • Fixed an issue where setting one material was saved as an array
  • Rewrote serializer to put keys in the recommended order.
  • Added Export Items menu
  • Added more error checking
  • Added a popup when saves complete

That’s a good idea, I’ll see what I can do. If you’re having specific issues me or somebody else can probably help with those, too.

Make sure you’ve selected the raws folder itself and not one of the subfolders or folders above it? Also make sure you’re using Cataclysm 0.7.

I did nothing, haha. Darn computers.

I guess again make sure you’re using the right version of Cataclysm (0.7). That is pretty weird.

I am using V7.

It messed with the flags in a really weird way. I’m tempted to back up and just show you what it’s done for bug fixing purposes.

I don’t know if it’s been mentioned yet, but the tool seems to handle writing JSON incorrectly(it inserts tabs and apparently also extra commas at the end of arrays)

If you guys could just post the result files that are causing problems in [code] blocks or something, I’ll check out those things.

EDIT: TheGrifter, I think I found and fixed the problems you might have been having. I’ll upload a fix shortly.

Almost done adding recipe support. I successfully added a recipe to craft a t-shirt into an active mininuke using only a pocketknife (though the mininuke didn’t blow up…the game must not set its counter unless it’s triggered by activation).


Uploaded! (very lightly tested as always)

Testing now, will report back on what happens.