Car Parts

So I was sitting in my car enjoying a drive across the city listening to the radio when I realized-

Why don’t we have a car radio? Slap a mp3 player on a radio and viola. You could possibly control it using the vehicle controls, or add radio controls as another unique part to keep the more advanced radio features seperate from the car ones. Maybe even add the directional antennae to the car too! The noise it produces should be around the same it makes when you activate a regular radio to listen to broadcasts right? Maybe a little louder if you are listening to music. It would run off the car battery too! (How convenient if you have solar panels).

Another thing I noticed was the invisible air conditioning unit in cars. I’m not a mechanic, so I have no clue where they are and how they work, but I know people irl love to complain about their broken car AC. This could be a nice car part to find and add to your death-mobile! Common, but necessary. We don’t want to roll down our windows do we?

Already suggested the idea of a car radio in another thread, I like it personally but I didn’t think anyone else did XD
Said Thread, for the curious

Both are great idea’s.

no problem with the ideas, just a few of the 100s of good ideas on the list to implement.