Can you record with fraps?

Hello everyone, I was wondering if it’s somehow possible to record this game with fraps. I started up Fraps then the game earlier today but didn’t see the FPS counter so I’m assuming there’s something special you have to do to get it to work or that fraps just doesn’t work?

i don’t think so. You need a program that can capture the desktop.

I know from personal experience that OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) works with capturing only the cataclysm window at least with the SDL version it worked a few Versions ago (I think I tested it with version 0.7?). In the most recent version of OBS I know you can save to file instead of streaming too.

OBS produces compressed video files though and not .avi so depending on what you want to do with the video you might wanna look into other software, I like it because it doesn’t fill up my hard-drive, but if you want to edit your footage your editing software will probably mangle the quality when it re-encodes the video.

EDIT: Definitely still works, on a side note OBS is fairly resource intensive and will hog your CPU on high resolutions and good quality.

OBS (free and very useful) is probably your best choice if you don’t wanna get Camtasia or HyperCam (free). Pretty sure you can trick Fraps into recording your whole desktop but that’s just needless hassle.