Can we switch some things into the AMMUNITION catagory?

The new stacking function for ammunition and consumables is absolutly fantastic - the only problem is that it there are quite a few items that could really, REALLY benifit from being able to use it but can’t do to their current classification. Can we fix that?

Rags, Leather, Fur: These bastards are space hogs, as anyone who takes tailoring (and hoarding) seriously knows, and yet they’re so small individually that it’s madness for them to take up an entire tile with only 26 of their number. Why not just set them up as ammunition with a charge cap of 1 each?

String: The string setup we currently have is a bit redundant in light of the potential of the new stacking system. Rather than having the 6-inch and 36-inch versions, why not just have “string” as in a big fuckin’ ball the kind of which you’ll find in plenty of stores, and just have each charge represent an inch in length? Clears up space, clears up inventory - and besides, who keeps their string in individual lengths of 6 or 36 inches? That stuff goes by the hundreds of meters from what I’ve read. Just tweak traps and the like so that they don’t produce any string after being triggered/disarmed.

Wire: The kind used in fences and the like, after enough snipping and smashing you’ll have tons of the stuff and yet nowhere near enough space to hold it. If copper wire gets the stacking treatment, why not steel wire?

Antennas, Amplifiers, Converters, Receivers, Transponders, RAM, Processor Boards, Scrap Metal, etc: If you’re fond of electronics, you know how much space these fuckers take up after a while. Like clothing stuff, they’re incredibly small individually and serve no purpose by themselves, so it’s ridiculous they demand so much space.