Yeah yeah I know it would take some rehashing of the inventory code and it’s one of those things that has been mentioned a number of times but man-oh-man would it be useful to bundle items together, either as items stored within a specific container or “tied up in string” or just to loosely associate one with another. We’ve got a bunch of craftables that do effectively this (ie. mess kits, toolkits, etc.) but it would still be handy to associate my shotgun bandolier with the holster holding the shotgun to quickly drop/pick up/equip both items at once. Or, for example, treat all my melee equipment as a collection to store it neatly when the fighting is done. It irks me when I forget one piece in the car or lose something in a shelter I’ve moved out of.

The code is very unfriendly to this sort of behavior.
Basically, any behavior that involves having multiple items act as one requires actually turning them into one item (toolbox), implementing “proper” item containment with multiple contents and an UI for it (the UI is the biggest problem here) and then having to put the items in a bag or adding persistent item IDs.

Some kind of “set” identifier might better - grab all the objects in this “set” that I defined before. That would address the issue without the item/inventory problems. It would also require some kind of interface, which would probably be its own problem (to make not suck, anyway).