Can we get download links, that aren't blocked by nod32?

It blocks the download at home, it blocks it here, where I can’t turn it off, it’s kinda annoying.

I’m assuming nod32 is an AV software?
Check if it has a rating system of some sort ala Avast or Norton.

Your problem isn’t really on the Cataclysm end.

Unblock it manually or get a better AVS.

Yeah, the links either link directly to the Cataclysm website server or to the Jenkins build robot. Neither one can exactly be changed at the moment, so you’ll need to see if you can unblock it manually from whatever blocker you use.

Reporting the false positive to the AV company may also help in the long term…

It’s not a problem at home, but I can’t disable it at the university’s library.

Then take it up with your university?

It sounds like they don’t want you downloading stuff at school. Maybe you should reserve Cataclysm for your free time at home?

Yeah, spend time in uni learning please. Not for the learns, but the degreeeeeeeeeeeeeee
And parties. If I think uni is what I think it is.

Yeah, but in 3 and a half hours I easily finished with my stuff and had plenty of time to waste.

Go home? Or get a better antivi.

USB stick it?

I don’t know about your university, but the place where I went to college had a policy that forbids students from downloading anything to the school’s computers. If you can run it off a USB stick, you won’t have to download anything.

That’s what I did the last time. You can download stuff here, the desktops are flooded with documents, images and shit.