Unable to access Cat DDR main website

I’m unable to access the main website.

I get this:
“This webpage is not available”

Using an ip address hider I am able to access the website and download the game.
Do you ban certain ip from the main website?
This has been going on for months, I was able to access it without problems early last year.

I think IP address anonymization services are automatically unallowed to have certain features, thanks to the 2 people that shall not be named.
Correct me if I am wrong.

Any idea why I cannot access the main website?
Is my IP address blocked? Did you block somebody else and end up blocking me as well?
I can’t access the download page with an IP hider now.

Can somebody link me to the download page for the latest experimental windows version?
Maybe I won’t be blocked there.

edit: I got through with another IP hider and I can access the downloads without hiding my IP:

You might have ISP-level block on the side, which is usually bypassed by proxies (such as IP hiders). Try finding someone qualified for tech support and asking them how to check for that.