Can NPCs help pedal?

Self explanatory, not much else to say

No, they cannot help pedal.

Well that should be implemented

Knock yourself out. It should be a simple change to vehicle:part_vpower_w() in src/vehicle.cpp - replace g->u.str_cur with psg->str_cur after you’ve found the player *psg for that part, which should just be vehicle::get_passenger( index ).

Of course, you’l have to debug and test it, but that’s the general form of the solution.

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I don’t really know how and where to look to do that.
Also, I’m still waiting on the opportunity to get new batteries for my Windows mouse.
I’m going to need to relearn some of my prior knowledge about modding as well.

The current thing I’m most inclined to do is make a simple change to NPC dialogue regarding asking for items.
It really doesn’t make sense to peacefully ask for supplies, and the quest giver (who wants first aid kits to help people), suddenly threaten your life if you fail the check.
I also intend on fixing a couple small spelling/grammar that I noticed while reading some of the faction camp related dialogue if I can.