Camo system and upgrades to shealth

The idea is to add an camoflage effect to clothing,some should be better than others in certain terrains:Military gear like pants,jackets should have an above average camo quality in:Urban areas,forest and dry/desertic environments

Winter military gear should only work on snowy tiles

Ghillie suits should only work on tiles that are made of natural material (Like in the middle of a field or forest )the ghillie suits should have the normal and winter variants,the winter variants have better environmental protection and the best posible camo on an snowy,forestry environment ppl

This is how the camo system would work in my mind:it grabs the camo from your outher most clothing and rolls against the environment on a 5 tile radius around you,the Ligth of the place,the distance between you and the monster

depending on the camo or the clothing and the camo type you will get your camo value then it will mix with your dexterity and will be rolled against a monster perception

Example:A crouched guy using a ghillie suit and full military gear,at night on the forest with a uncovered atomic Ligth at his side and sleeping out in the open at a sleeping bag,you will be basically invisible because of the ghillie suit unless something just enter a tile directly adjacent to you.

another type of military gear:The night ops gear,it does the same thing as the military gear,it basically turns you into a shady zombie,can’t be seen in the dark even by shady zombies,in the day the thing makes you stand out like you where at night walking around on a flashlight,the helmet comes with a NVG or a TVG(thermal vision Google’s) built in it it also comes in versions that have the stats of the tactical helmet and the full tactical helmet having 4 variants to the helmet.

The camo value also changes depending on what you are holding this is why an item called ghillie neting will be added to cover your items,you can also paint an weapon stand out more or less,even to the point of becoming near invisible,you can also trow your invisibility cloak on your rifle to become invisible.

That’s all ma dudes


This has been suggested before by me and others (quite possibly not on here, but certainly on the Discord). It basically comes down to someone with C++ skills wanting it enough to do the research and actually implement it.

Really ? It sounds pretty Damm complicated to make,I think it should be the next step to make the military gear more viable as it is supposed to be high quality operational clothing

what if since the cover mechanic already works, making the suit work like if you were hiding behind an obstacle or like a multiplier or something

That’s the idea,turn high grass into extremely effective cover when crouched while using the ghillie suit

I like this idea but it is all about the balance between fun and realism. The current stealth system works very well while it is not similar to the system that we can observe in The Last of Us 2 where Ellie hides in the high grass and suddenly she is invisible for her enemies. A good stealth system should not be based on 0% and 100% chance to be detected

Don’t think there’s a need for any new system. Shady zombies already sink in and out of dark places. Could rework that.
But would camo really make much of a difference? It’s really only effective when you’re standing still and not doing anything. Might make you a bit less detectable at long range but… yeah, that’s about it. Good for lining up shots? You’d be using a fairly high powered rifle anyway and those make a lot of noise even with a suppressor. Bows and crossbows I guess but that’s still relatively close range. At least at lower crafting/skill levels. At higher levels you’d already be kitted out to handle just about whatever comes at you.

Kinda wonky.

The Ideia of the night ops suit is to make shady zombies less likely to find you,and you would become completely invisible to zombies unless they touch you

The Ideia of the system is to give you the hability to hide in plain sight and also give you a better chance of loosing zombies ,like the part on all ghilied up where Macmillian and price hide from some tanks just laying down using ghilie suits to hide or some dude standing still with a ghillie suit in a airsoft game

The idea is to expand the system somehow and give more option to the player

I wonder if smell “sight” turns zombies hostile by default or if it has to be visual contact. :thinking:

O think they would stay near you,smell isn’t that presise in animals,unless they are K-9 and the mouth tissue would probably be the first one the blob would convert to help evolution and stop decomposition

Guess you could try the Walking Dead thing to dampen their senses a little bit. Smear yourself in zombie parts (butchery refuse?) but your clothes obviously get messed up. Higher infection chance if wounded or whatever. Maybe filthy clothes does that already? I play with it off.

I think it would be a cool addition,adding a filthy piece of clothing and/or carrying some butchery refuse while laying down on the ground using a ghillie suit while a horde passes by you

Also more for realism reasons any mob larger than a human should do damage per turn over you to a random limb depending on the corpse weight and size