Camera display installation issues

Hello everyone,
Brand new fan of this game and have been enjoying every minute of it!

I can’t seem to be able to install my camera display in my death mobile. My skills (if relevant) are mechanics 6, electronics 10 and computer 2. I have cameras and the camera control systems installed already. I have checked every single tile for the option for installation and even doing a search for the display doesn’t come up in the installation menu. I have the part for it… Is my computer skill not high enough to install?

Thank you.

The camera control system is the display. You have to have the cameras activated and be on the same tile as the control system to see the camera feeds.

So what’s the difference between a camera display and camera control system?
Anyways thanks for clearing that up!

The camera display is the name of the item as it appears in the game. When installed in a vehicle, the vehicle part is called the camera control system. The two are the same thing, just in different contexts. If you look at the requirements page of the camera control system, the component required is the camera display.

This sort of naming confusion is all over the vehicle code, like the boom crane needing a steel boom.