C:DDA Development Blog May 14th, 2020

I decided to start a dev blog. Comments and questions welcome.


That is one kickass beard. You look kind of like Grizzly Adams tech support. :sunglasses:

Awesome finally a face to an awesome contributor

Very nice @KorGgenT! Hey for next time, show us some code. It’d be cool to get a tour of the code you’re working on through your eyes. :smiley:

@ 11:25 By “jumping into this project” you meant CDDA, not nested containers, right? Because you are the author of the Magyclism, which is kinda older than 8 months and surely required some hardcoding.

i did mean nested containers, and i misspoke about when i started. it was probably around april of 2019 that i first looked into doing anything with it.