Build 7334: can't load save (it was my mistake) + some other bugs

Build 7334: can’t load save on Win7 x86_64.


get the following error message:
Fail to read from “./save/Final/#Sm9l.sav”: opening file failed
My save is from build 7297, but i don’t think this casuse the problem.

Nevermind, i edited the .sav file and i made a backup under the save folder and it is somehow confused the game.

Sorry, most of the following bugs are before build 7297, but i think they are still valid.

  • Custom colors for highlight colors are not applied.
  • can’t see shady zombie with night vision.
  • Loading a saved game with night vision on, shows darkness until the first move.
  • I killed turkeys with a katana. They exploded from the force of the attack and drops only meats, but not a single feather…
  • Kevlar dog harness from Z-9 is not filthy
  • Dissector doesn’t harm broken cyborg. AFAIR, i used to lure them into it for fun.
  • I used contact lens, but later i installed telescopic eyes. Still i got “Your vision start to blur.” after few days later. No other effect, but it is confusing.
  • should be dragon skin is repairable? Because they are now.
  • CBM manifest list containts CBMs dropped by monsters on level, not just the secured ones.
  • jam sandwich is better than P&J sandwitch in every way.
  • I can pickaxe rock walls and lab walls, but not a police station wall with pickaxe.
  • After it shot down by a turret, disassembling the broken grenade hack not yield grenade. Which is a let down…
  • When i rename a vehicle its name is not updated immediately.
  • If i standing the end of a corridor waiting for a grenadier’s toys, if the safe mode is on and i wait for 5 minutes the hack teleport next to me.
  • When i enter a bank there is a row of counters and windows. One tile is missing and replaced with grass.
  • when cut a window with metal bars at the gun store, pipes should not be dropped inside the store.
  • When i want to disasseble something, it would be good to see the work time.
  • NPCs should be not sit on the driver seat if they are not assigned to it.
  • You can sleep in the sewage.
  • ESC doesn’t cancel Yell a sentence command, i yell, “”.
  • I can disassemble a grenade belt, but i found no receipt to assemble one.
  • can’t throw grenade over small enemies like skitterbot.

It’s always clean, since it’s not a clothing item, but falls into ‘other’ category, I suppose.

There are so many dumb and imbalanced things concerning food items…

I am not sure what is wrong with pipes dropping, but I know that you can see the Disassembly times before disassembling if you use the menu. Try pressing the “(” command, or shift 9.

I always thought that shady zombies were just too shady and not seeing them till they are right next to you in the dark was intentional.

Yes, that makes sense.

Wow, thanks, i never used that, i just pressed 'B’utcher to disassemble things. Still, it would be good to see that with the Butcher command too.

That’s ok, but you can see them in daylight, so i think they should be seen with a night vision too.

From my understanding Shady should be blind or almost blind in day light but when your inside a house in a dark spot and the Shady is outside in full sunlight they still see you…