Bug report for Linux (Duplicating Items) Recent Linux 0.9 builds

Suddenly started playing again.
Actually I recently got Linux on my new laptop. First time using Linux but after a while, got Dwarf Fortress and Cataclysm working on there, something about 32 but libraries…
Anyway, to the point. I haven’t played Cataclysm in ages, and am wondering, what is the difference between the Graphical and Console versions?

Now, I have a game breaking bug, Im not sure if fixed but this is in the latest stable for Linux. And maybe the others. But when I pick up an item, and I pressed 1-9 etc to pick up only a few, I pick the item up, and a copy is still left on the ground. This works with all items as far as I know.
Whats more is if I pick up a radio or anything with batteries, or a lighter with fluids (anything with charges). I press 2 the pick up the radio (100), it will pick up a radio with 2 batteries in it, etc, and leave the radio behind with 98. Duplicating the radio. But if it is an item without charges, it will duplicate the item as well.

Erm, how many items are there on the ground to begin with?

This bug works every time
I found a tin can of corn.
Pressed 1 then a to pick up only one instance of it.
In my inventory I have a tin can of corn, and left a tin can on the ground.
Tried with a sweater (fits)
In my inventory I have a sweater (fits) and left a sweater (it doesnt say fits) on the ground.
I tried with a tin
In my inventory I have a tin can and left a tin can on the ground…

I heard about this bug before, and I think it is fixed in the latest version. Could you try the current RC http://smf.cataclysmdda.com/index.php?topic=5496.0 ? We are about to release a new version, and I heard about it before and I thought that bug was fixed.

Yep, it’s been fix. Ah, that damn error stopped the game from running.
I’m so new to Linux, only had it a week ish now, and I just spent an hour trying so many things to get it running. Finally got the package installed. And tested, it works fine.
Also, loving what I read in the change log. : ) Thanks for that.