[Bug] Lab's [Spoiler]

The Security room with the computer that unlocks the armory seems to have it’s doors switched around, the door that should open to let you inside and hack the computer is locked while the other door that leads to the armory is unlocked.

Shush, I like it this way.

Huh. Is that with the New Improved barracks? I was wondering why I couldn’t get to the other side.

Well, I don’t know if it’s the new improved barracks, it always have been like this to me because only recently I managed to get this far on the game, the place have some rooms for which I believe are the Grunts, one room for the CO, and a bathroom with two toilets if I am not mistaken.

Also a new Bug, or at least something I find that should not be happening, some times when I take the stairs down on the labs I end up on the monsters cages OR inside the armory of the barracks. I am playing the 7.1 version.

Had that happen to me too, sidower

Stair can spam almost everywhere so yeah it can happen (and it’s not new at all :slight_smile:

And about you door,

It’s switched each time you come from the wrong way , to avoid ppl locked inside. The first door you open always lock the second (or something like that). Anyway it depend from where you come. Computer still always open two door (the one next to the computer, and the one after to allow you to get acces to the second computer if you take normal way, or to go out if you’r from the armory).

So not sure it’s a bug but only a way to allow ppl to go trought the place no matter when you came from.