Buff Lajatang moves-per-attack

CDDA’s Lajatang is simply a quarterstaff with blades duct-taped to each end, making what you’d expect be a reasonably fast and effective mid-tier weapon, despite it’s obvious rule-of-cool leanings. Instead, with a moves-per-attack of 210, it’s one of the slowest weapons in the entire game. Slower than a battleaxe. Slower than a sledgehammer. It has roughly the same speed as a conventional chainsaw. Apparently, those blades you duct taped to your staff were made of depleted uranium.

Considering that the Naginata, which is effectively the same weapon, except with one blade instead of two, has an attack speed of 133, I think the Lajatang could do with a speed buff.

The Chainsaw Lajatang could probably use one too, because while it SHOULD be clumsy and impractical, it probably shouldn’t be 25% more unwieldy than using a microwave as a melee weapon. It’s cut damage should be nerfed accordingly, because 140 damage is just silly.

While the lajatang’s origins and veracity elude me, I am inclined to agree. Large weapons you whirl were impractical in actual war (Where you want your mates around you, not spread out to avoid your ridiculous weapon.) but surprisingly good at killing folks all the same. Reach is advantage and polearms are versatile. I’d argue it should be faster than a regular sword if the extra hits and area of effect weren’t already represented through weapon techniques.

Assuming it’s wielded in similar sweeping motions, should probably reference an adjusted speed off the ironshod quarter staff.

Yeah, as far as I can tell it’s an almost entirely fictional weapon, short of a few recreations people have made. Still though, it’s a relatively simple, if inefficient, bladed polearm. It’s not so ridiculously impractical as, say, a double sword or bat’leth.