Bridge heads seem a bit incomplete

Something tells me, and the motorcycle i just lost, that bridges are not quite safe anymore.

It’s a bug and the issue is already on github.

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wait, wait a sec
Is that a up slope I see? can land vehicles traverse z-slopes now?

Yes, since about 10 days…:

lol daaamn, I’ve been out of the community for about a few weeks now, been waiting on the new inventory system to get debugged. Apparently I’ve missed some pretty major updates.
This changes the entire core of vehicles design, and base design. Insanity I say. Pure insanity. I love it

The bridge code is still a little buggy - the ramp code is fine, but I didn’t realize that the bridge generation code would do such weird things on existing save games.

There was an error with savegame migration code. It would’ve been better if we would not use old bridge id, but I only realized it now.

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