Blazemod Modernization

There’s already parts of blazemod not working either correctly or at all (I’m looking at you, gelectrodes)- simply because it isn’t crashing the game doesn’t mean it’s still in a good state. I intend to bring it back to a okay state and slowly change it into a bigger, better mod. If you like it as it is without any changes, goat has a repo on another thread around here that’s just been adjusted to not crash, basically the state it’s been in for quite some time.

I’m trying for an organic growth of blazemod into something bigger and better than it was before, taking player input and keeping what they want out of blazemod in mind, and hopefully delivering that and more.

Thanks for the info. I try that version while wait for yours.
My chars dont last much and I replay a lot, always trying more mods.

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1 and 2:
Not really fussed, If I want to keep a save I usually keep a copy of the game I was playing it on anyway
3 and 4:
Never really used them but I’m glad they are there, it was always something I’d thought about giving a go at some point.
Yeah I’ve used them before, I didn’t really thing they were OP since fitting them coherently into a vehicle could be a bit of a challenge since they occupied a whole space on the vehicle and they required quite a bit of sourcing for parts. It’s not really like you need them or solar panels at all really but it was something nice to gun for.
6: Sounds like a good idea.

I know it might be controversal but sometimes it’s nice to have the option for “OP” stuff, it doesn’t mean you’ll always use it or even that you’ll ever use it but every now and again it’s nice to indulge. Sort of like turbo lasers and such, just cos it’s there doesn’t mean you’ll always decide to use them.
Gating them behind a book would be better imo then nerfing them via self damage, you’ll either be able to repair it anyway and just be increasing busy work or you won’t and there’ll be no point bothing with them.


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll admit that the turbo laser is an excellent example of the sort of thing I want to keep- it’s not particularly that I want to remove strong options, simply have some sort of drawback or quirk in the old rogue-like spirit. Options, rather than direct upgrades over everything that completely overwhelm any other choice.


how can i use blazemod? is it really unplayable because its obsolete??

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A good amount of the repo mods (mods available with the default download of CDDA from CleverRaven) have had the obsolete field added to them, which makes them not show up in the world options, but a world that already has them can still have them. Once they get deleted from the repo however, you would no longer be able to play that save with any obsoleted mods that were removed- unless you replace them.

You can for now however go into the mod’s folder and remove the "obsolete": true field, or change it to false. You’d have to do this each time you updated your game, however.

i can do that on all obsolete mods right?

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That is correct. To note, blazemod shows up as “Vehicle Additions” in-game.

So are you now the new maintainer to the VA/Blazemod? Or are you working on a parallel mod that is just modernizing the current mod? To be honest, I wasn’t even aware VA was massively obsolete/outdated.

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if you want quickness check out this post or download this and put all folders into your cdda/data/mods

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The best way to explain it is that I’m picking up where blazemod left off. Much of blazemod is in an unfinished or unstable state, and some of the things that were unquestionably cool and working already got mainlined (rams for example). Compare what I’m doing to Aftershock being a spiritual and literal successor to Bright/er nights and turning it from a small re/additions mod into a fully featured expansion of its own.

So it will build on blazemod but improve on how all of its content is delivered so that it is a lot less out of place in the cataclysm, removing and cannibalising certain features as needs demand while trying to add even more.

To iterate further, the only thing I’ve removed so far in the initial rework are redundant turrets; also the vehicle parts associated with the blob part “glowie”, and even then I’ve just replaced them with alternatives that fill the same function (and more) but work.


Sweet! Amazing in fact! I’m glad that blazemod is getting some love and growing to be even better.

But I’m currently playing 10343, and I can’t seem to find it along with a bunch of other mods that were there before like Safe Autodoc, Classic RPG classes, etc. Does anyone know what happened there?

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There is an in depth answer a few posts above you:


Ah, sorry. I didn’t really realize what was being said. Thanks for elaborating.

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