Black map areas 2 types

So far I have encountered two tipes of local map black areas. Locations of nothingness.

  1. normal ground that is listed as nothing, shows up as black. No crashes.
  2. black spots that block line of sight. Move into it, and the game crashes. Examine (:wink: it. And the game crashes.

So beware.

Gaze not into that abyss…

Do not follow the null pointer, for at its end chaos and #%#$#@FAS# A~~^ lay.

Instead of starting a new thread i’ll revive this one.

I’ve had the black tiles as well, and have to ask. Is there plans to modify the world generator for 0.4? I know there are a million things to be done, so I ask.

I’ve been having weird maps generate lately. I’ll have 3 roads stacked up right next to eachother in a big cluster-f#%^. I’ve seen doors generated into the middle of a room, behind bookcases (which is fine, just… odd), or I swear some rooms aren’t accessible at all. Some cities will have 4 bars all in a row, etc etc.

The bars aren’t necessarily a bug (hell I live near a town with 6 bars all in walking distance to one another) but I’m not 100% sure how the map generator is meant to generate.

So I ask) is this something to be worked on for 0.4? And if not, what is the main focus of 0.4?

It gazes back