Auto-logistics hotkey

One of the most boring things in DDA is inventory management. How many actions it takes to just fill your hydration pack or load your mags? Why the game cannot make it for me?
There can be different approaches. The most logical is to give you ability to mark items in your inventory as auto-maintained. Let’s say, canteen, mags, flashlight and a gun. So it can be highlighted in inventory with some color, and with button press it fills everything, promting you on the way about kind of consumables or their source. (Which ammo, water from which container, etc.), also printing you if hostiles are nearby. It can be even extended to auto-repair of clothing and items and some auto craft like boiling water, but it’s way more complicated.
Maybe it can be extended to automatically consuming food, smokes and water, cause the most disturbing thing in addictions that you need to make hundreds of actions just to get through the day.

Its literally 2 actions to load a container with water, and only one for magazines, one for guns, one for flashlights. In my opinion at least, a big part of the game is supply management. Intimately making sure you have enough food and water to last the day, enough ammunition to get more food while fending off hordes, enough batteries to make it through one more night. This is especially apparent in the early game where you have to struggle to get anything. Later i get how it can be tedious but for the most part you will only have a couple tools that require batteries, each of which can be modded to charge via ups, or otherwise have their capacity expanded, 2-4 spare magazines on hand for 2-4 guns, assuming you’re using guns at all, and 1 primary water container with maybe a couple secondary containers for broth or something, each of which is simple to fill with whatever it is you want with 1-3 actions per container. Having all these things can require a tedious amount of attention and work, but it makes it so you have to actually manage your time, because in the end, you have a finite amount of light, of night, of food, of water, of ammo, of supplies, and above a finite amount of time before something kills you.

Auto-eating is planned for some distant future.

Auto-repair was thrown as an idea a few times, but the idea kinda died when repairs became less common in later experimentals.

I (as a hoarder) would like to be able to designate certain tiles so that certain items get autodropped on them. The amount of work it requires to drop a bunch of stuff right now is insane. E.g. in my typical game I gather clothes from corpses and dump it on several tiles depending on their material (leather/cotton/etc), their purpose (socks and pants go into cut up pile, rucksacks and backpacks into high-volume pile, maid outfits and cowboy boots into cosplay pile, welding goggles and radiation suits into very useful in certain situations pile). Same thing with food (lasting nutritious foods in one pile, sweets in another, perishable cooking ingredients, non-perishable ones, drinks, soon to spoil stuff, clean water, alcohol, etc), books, construction materials, chemicals, etc. If I just had to run around for the stuff to separate and get dropped by itself that would be nice.