Audio Archives - Community Project

Hello. In this pull request I started a community driven project in which you can propose ideas for archived radio snippets. Those are radio transmissions auto-recorded by the radio stations from before and during Cataclysm.

In the days of Cataclysm many of them have been re-purposed for military/emergency broadcast. This must mean that many interesting recordings had been archived in that short period, including:

  • military broadcast,

  • police broadcast,

  • civilian self-defense forces broadcast, including firefighters, medics and other emergency services,

  • local/central government broadcast,

  • normal broadcast (going haywire as time goes by, news getting more dark and unrelenting),

  • etc.

So the main aim here is to add another channel to introduce lore to the game, this time focused on what was happening “in the air” before and during Cataclysm.

If you want to participate post your ideas here. There is no guarantee that it passes, but if you follow those rules there is high chance for it:

  1. Snippets must be short. 3-5 short sentences will be enough.

  2. Snippets must comply to game’s lore. Do not re-invent the lore here, it’s not the place for that.

  3. Snippets must be from timeline of the Cataclysm itself or early before. Older recordings (regarding something Cataclysm-related) should be less common among the whole group. Newer recordings are non-existent. Power went down, people went away, and they stop during the Cataclysm dying out in a short period of time.

  4. Use common sense in all other matters.

  5. Don’t drop ideas in the PR please, let’s contain them here to uncluttered the PR itself.

Have fun.


Would a conspiracy radio station be allowed?

Also, can you give an example so we know your prefered format?

I like this. It has the vibe of the old tapes you find on fallout.

…in the water! Drugs and who knows what else, the govenment wants you dumb and docile! Wake up people. They are the spawn of Satan!
This is Alan Jewels with the Alan Jewels show, we’ll be back after the break.

etc etc :stuck_out_tongue:


Something like that, regarding format. And I’m not convinced on conspiracy radio station, unless its along lore, and perhaps a reporter interviewing a conspiracy-theorist commentator on events rather then a full-blown conspiracy radio station.

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Local American radio is full of stuff like that though, AJ and Coast2Coast both come to mind and I’m sure I could find more if I cared to. The idea would be introducing established lore in a distorted manner, I referenced two pieces of lore in that one snippet for example but without actually spelling it out.“Chimera”:Best_Practices
This sheaf of papers-dated the day before you evacuated-describes a new chemical formula in detail and supplies instructions for its use as some sort of…crowd-control catalyst? That can’t be right…

T-15 Days: XE037 surge occurs. XE037, a kind of sanguine hive mind, is responding to XEDRA’s probes. The surge occurs in all teleportation facilities simultaneously. During this event, XE037 contaminates the ground water and establishes “colonies” (slime pits). It is unknown whether Chinese/DPRK facilities experience this surge, as it is unknown whether they posess the equipment to perform transposition experiments.
T-15 Days to 5 Days: The first zombification incidents outside of labs occur. These are sometimes covered up by XEDRA but often they aren’t even noticed, and the zombie is dismissed as a violent rioter and re-killed.

Edit: Not that I think you should use that one, I would need to think more carefully for a proper recording, that was just an off the cuff example.


This is your local weather team bringing you an update on the reports of localized intense cold spots. The epicenters of these occurreneces having temperatures as low as -70F (-57C). Please avoid locations experiencing the cold spots for your safety.

This being a reference to the ice labs and the Temp listed being a freezing point for gasoline.

I’d recommend that everyone read the official timeline before suggesting things, so as to make sure they fit with the lore.

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A conspiracy Radio Station actually sounds really cool, it could have stuff that sometimes turns out to be true but could also be false or just half truths, for example the host could correctly say that extra-dimensional beings have landed on earth, but falsely continue that it’s big predator (as in the movie) type of beings. It could also serve as a way of telling the player about a nice rare loot item the host found out about by getting leaked footage or something like that, but since it’s so rare, especially newer players might not even believe it to be real, mixed in with some items that truly are made up to make even a few experianced players think about whether the item the host talks about is real or not.


What about numbers stations? Don’t really know if they’d contain anything useful to the player, but they’d be eerie at the very least.

Yes! I actually made a form of code that turns letters into a string of 4 numbers! It could be used for a number station…
I’ll post an example of my code in use tomorrow…