Asthma attacks

Are they supposed to happen 2-5x every 8 hours of sleep or so? Literally can’t get more than 2 hours of sleep with Asthmatic, taking the inhaler right before sleeping has no effect.

The chance is 0.03% per turn according to the wiki, maybe try finding royal jelly? Thats the only thing i could think of to help

Has anything moved forward on this? I’m pretty invested in a character who is a ‘nerd’ type (burns through books SO fast) and it’s strange that asthma is much more common while sleeping, constantly waking the player. The only other time I’ve experienced asthma so far is while crafting.

Sucks to your assmar!

Asthma is supposed to trigger once every ~6 hours whether you sleep or not, unless you use stimms or depressants (stimms increase the chance, depressants decrease).

While sleep interruption is probably highly annoying, this trait is otherwise nearly harmless. While awake, it will simply consume a charge from an inhaler - item otherwise nearly useless that commonly spawns and starts with 100 charges.

Now that I think about it, this trait looks like everything I dislike in traits. Nearly harmless but annoying.

Never had an awake asthma attack on the latest builds. Only on nights.




They’re completely silent if you’ve got an inhalator to suck on.
Watch the charges.

They’re completely silent if you’ve got an inhalator to suck on.
Watch the charges.[/quote]

They still wake my character :frowning:

Wait does that mean we automatically use an inhaler while we’re awake, as needed?

Indeed. There’s a fix in the hopper for that but it adds strings, so it’s frozen out until after the stable lands.