"assignment does not update value"

got this error after modding encumbrance of some armor pieces (set it to 0)
is something changed in a code or i doing something wrong? it never happened before when i change encumbrance like this

It’s a warning that you are overwriting a field with its default value.
Just remove the whole line.

oh, many thanks, now it’s works

maybe stupid question - but is such thing really necessary? you know - forcing to remove lines without changes
i guess if you want to save some bytes in json… but ability to see all values of item, even if some of them same as default kinda more convenient IMO

It helps avoid hard to read contributions full of redundant entries. Instead of having to tell people to remove redundancy when they PR and wait for them to fix things, the game just tells them not to do it when they are testing own changes.

It isn’t enforced for mods. If you want to make some local changes, it’s better to turn them into a mod - that way you can copy it to new versions of the game without having to locate and change things every time.