Arthritis: Bug or feature?

[quote=“Manatee Baron, post:1, topic:7980”]I just found this amazing game last week and I’ve hardly stopped playing. It’s incredible how detailed it is. Scratches the same itch as the Unreal World but has a much bigger fun element. I had finally got over the hump of the first couple days (found a death truck at a military roadblock and just cheesed over every zombie in my way) when the new version hit. Somehow things seemed much harder…maybe because I got no free tanks.

Well after many dead Bionic Assassins with wool allergies, I was going strong, found a FARM with metal winch operated doors, what a heavenly place to store my junk, and I can sleep in piles of hay! It’s the first day of summer, I have guns, bows, welders and all types of crap in my rat’s nest, when I get interrupted while crafting. “Your joints ache.” No big deal, I figured it was a penalty from running miles with 100 lbs of gear. But it won’t go away. I’m constantly at 35-50 pain, I can’t sleep for more than five minutes, my speed is interrupted, and I have to constantly click “N” when crafting or cooking. Aspirin doesn’t help and I’m not sick or feverish. I don’t have the bad knees trait.

What’s going on? Is there a cure?[/quote]

Its a food-parasite, you probably got it from eating raw meat or any other raw item. See:

Intramuscular parasites: May cause minor unexplained pain, and descriptive text commenting on the player’s joints aching.

You’ll need anti-parasitic drug (if you take it and it shows you a message about something then its cured) or Blood Filter bionic (idk if the royal jelly will work or not). I had many problems with parasites in the past (hemolytic, intestinal, every crap of those), they’re really a pain. Once I had a really strong character infected with hemolytic parasites (I didn’t have the blood analysis bionic only the blood filter), it sucked for weeks since I wasn’t healing any damage due to negative health, had to use first aid/nanobots every time I took damage, only after reading the wiki, I cured it using blood filter bionics, then took a dosage of vitamins everyday (I didn’t knew the purpose of the LB bionic back then), for 14-15 days, only after that I was able to heal damage.

I guess it is the one but I’m not sure. But I’m sure you can analyse it using the blood analysis or in a hospital using a syringe and by hacking that system which analyses blood.

[quote=“deadmerits, post:3, topic:7980”]Been climbing through broken windows, hmm sneak thief?

I think you have contracted a feature.


Its not tetanus, see:

According to the wiki:

While you have tetanus, you will suffer -4 to Dexterity, and be knocked down & stunned by painful muscle spasms about once or twice every hour. Muscle relaxants such as diazepam can suppress the symptoms for a couple of hours, but the only ways to remove it permanently are to consume antibiotics (33% chance to cure it) or royal jelly.

Thanks for showing up 6 months later to repeat the answer for us hexman!