Arm_block and Leg_block in Martialarts.json

Does anyone know what Arm_block and Leg_block do in Martialarts.json? Is a higher number better?

Brawling has an arm_block of -1, and a leg_block of 7, while Akimbo has 99 and 99 respectively.

Level at which the block unlocks. Not sure why there are some arts with -1 instead of 0. Negative numbers aren’t special cased.

That would make 99 pretty silly…

No, it just marks it as “you can’t get it”.

Wouldn’t it make more sense just to not require the tag at all in those cases? “you can’t get it” is assumed unless you specify otherwise.

It was implemented long ago.

It was implemented long ago.[/quote]

OK, good then… and this whole topic is then a big “yay for legacy code” moment. Not that I have ANY room to judge on that, mind you.