Are mutations up-to-date on the Also just general feedback on mutations

I’m currently looking at the mutations for Ursine and noticed that the “Insanely strong” mutations are a +7 to strength, but (I’m not exactly sure and have no way to check and see if I’m right) I have the perk, and only have a +4 (Maybe it’s extremely strong?)

Edit: Yeah, it was extremely strong, my bad.

If any of you guys know some sites that are more up-to-date, please share, or just give some general knowledge for mutations and the wikis.

Also as an aside, Rat, Mice, and many of other mutations shouldn’t gain the “Fast Metabolism” trait, as smaller animals, especially prey, don’t require as much food to survive, because of their smaller frames, while things like Raptor, ursine, and other large predators should require more than a human (excluding lupine and lupis (canine), as many of them aren’t as large as a human.)

Last I checked most mutations were up to date on the wiki.

Insanely Strong should indeed give you +7 strength. IIRC some mods make it bugged and give no boost at all, so it could be a mod you are running.

The +4 strength is likely from HUGE if you have it.

Also I’m well acquainted with most mutations, so if you have any more questions about mutations or mutants in general feel free to ask me :stuck_out_tongue:

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Except those small critters have fast metabolisms as almost all small creatures do. Honestly metabolism should increase the heat your character produces, potentially up to a fatal point if they don’t shrink to compensate. Small creatures run hot and fast while large creatures run slow to avoiding dieing of heat buildup because their internal volume gets much larger compared to their external surface for heat dissipation the larger a creature gets. Watched a video about it awhile back. Considering how glorious the Rat Line is it’s good they have some type of negative anyway lol. I really need to do more rat playthroughs, it was so fun digging into every wall.

You’re a bit off the mark here. What you saw in your documentary is that metabolism follows a square law, not a cube law, whereas the total heat of an object (and thus its temperature, for fixed material composition) goes as volume, which follows a cube law. The take-away is that bigger things have bigger metabolisms, but a smaller metabolism-per-unit-mass.


Your opinion on the best mutation tree? (Excluding the obvious: Alpha tree, even if it has the disintegration mutations, having the high boost to all stats for almost nothing is very op.)

Is it better to develop many different mutations? or just go for a single mutation tree so you can’t develop multiple negative traits from different trees?

What disintegration does ?

Nothing good.

Alpha withstanding most likely Medical gets the “most OP” title. Chimera, being the king of combat, is the best if you only care about clearing towns from zombies (although medical is better for this from a survival point of view), just stay away from robots.

Most other trees can also be very good depending on what you do and what you want to achieve.

If you want an OP character mixing a few trees is better than using a single one. This requires some planning beforehand and usually involves robust genetics, although you can pick two trees with similar defects and do fine without it. Troglobyte is a common secondary tree to pursue as it has lots of good stuff pre-thresh that can bolster already good trees and remove negatives from others.