Are emtpy sealed containers legal?

I have a bug when trying to put a liquid into emtpy sealed container (glass jar), but are emtpy sealed containers legal at all? If emtpy sealed containers should not exist, then it makes no sense to log issue related to their incorrect behavior.

 DEBUG    : tried to put an item (disinfectant, amount 1) in a container (jar_glass_sealed) that cannot contain it

 FUNCTION : int item::fill_with(const item&, int, bool, bool, bool)
 FILE     : src/item.cpp
 LINE     : 9460
 VERSION  : bd2ce6b

(BTW I know how to make empty sealed glass jar - Empty sealed container remains after feeding dog - sealed jar or tin can · Issue #51097 · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub)