Are disassembly zones safe to use with companions?

Will companions disassemble only the items placed into the zone, or will they proceed to disassemble the precious components gained from previous disassembly actions into raw materials, making the zones rather unsafe to use if you want to get things that can be disassembled further?

They’ll disassemble everything in the zone, including the products of other items’ disassembly. It’s best to use NPC disassemblers for common items that need to be disassembled in bulk, and disassemble items yourself if you really need a particular rare component.

Also of note: NPC disassembly work can and will spill any liquid components on the ground, rendering them unusable.

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You best pray they dont disassemble each other

While disassembly is under the butchery PC action umbrella, it’s not under the same companion order, so it should be safe :slight_smile:

As to my original concerns, actually ordering a couple of companions to dismantle some safe stuff, it seems the stand adjacent to the disassembly tile and drop the results straight beneath them, so a single tile zone ought to almost be safe, so I’ll probably continue on with semi precious disassembly and see how it goes.