Appearance of things

Hi everybody.

Not sure if this is the right board to ask.
I’m having trouble identifying this item:

"type" : "ARMOR", "id" : "hat_noise_cancelling", "name" : "noise cancelling headgear", "weight" : 72, "color" : "dark_gray", "covers" : ["HEAD"], "to_hit" : 0, "storage" : 0, "symbol" : "[", "description" : "Padding over your ears kept in place by some string. Blocks incoming sounds.", "price" : 2500, "material" : ["cotton", "null"], "volume" : 2, "cutting" : 0, "warmth" : 5, "phase" : "solid", "environmental_protection" : 0, "encumbrance" : 2, "bashing" : -5, "coverage" : 5, "material_thickness" : 1, "flags" : ["DEAF"]
Got two guesses here, but neither one completely matches the description:

Headgear to the left has padding, gizmo to the right has a string. Which one is in the game?

You know, I’ve never thought about that.

I think NCHG needs plastic chunks to make and a plastic mold.

Neither. That version is some sort of homemade and good enough to deafen you. (they are probably closer to cloth earplugs judging by the recipe, but are definitely not similar to earphones.

Alternatively they can be anything you want. Even unicorns that you slam into your ears to not hear.

Earplugs (the ones on the right) are a separate item. This is closer to the left one, but yeah, the current implementation needs some help.

So, judging by its recipe and its volume and encumrance
it’s either a proper industrial headgear or two swimming pool plugs connected with a hawser.

in head is that thing at left but homemade out of cotton with string to strap it on head

Got another uncertainty:

{ "type" : "ARMOR", "id" : "knee_high_boots", "name" : "pair of knee-high boots", "name_plural" : "pairs of knee-high boots", "weight" : 1520, "color" : "dark_gray", "covers" : ["FEET", "LEGS"], "to_hit" : -1, "storage" : 0, "symbol" : "[", "description" : "Very long leather boots that cover the lower legs. Difficult to wear but extremely durable.", "price" : 8000, "material" : ["leather", "null"], "volume" : 15, "cutting" : 0, "warmth" : 20, "phase" : "solid", "environmental_protection" : 2, "encumbrance" : 2, "bashing" : 1, "flags" : ["VARSIZE", "WATERPROOF"], "coverage" : 65, "material_thickness" : 3, "use_action" : "BOOTS" },
There are two choices

  1. Commonly known women’s knee-high boots:
  1. Good old Les Trois Mousquetaires boots for men:

Obvious choice would be women’s. But as long as I’m concerned, the game is taking place in 40’s years of XXI, so maybe fashion have changed a bit then?

Assume they’re flat-soled; we’d have jacked the encumbrance much higher if they were heeled. As for the rest, they’re whatever style you like.