Anyone created a mod to allow Helicopter Pilot via a book?

Just what it says on the tin. If anyone didn’t know, helicopters are available in the recent experimental builds. In order to fly them at the moment, you need to be the Helicopter Pilot profession (which has the professional trait Helicopter Pilot, required for flight). The devs plan to change this eventually with the skill system overhaul, but until that point an interim solution would be to make a book for it, or could set the trait as purchasable at creation. You can obviously debug it in, but having a legit way to access the content after creation is good too (see: the Boxing martial art - unless you start as a Boxer you have to find the MA manual for it).
Anyone done a mod for this yet? If not, how would you make it?

As far I know, and if understand right, one of the dev answer about this. There are “boring books” that teach you.

Checking the thread linked above, and looking at the JSONs in the latest experimental, doesn’t look like they’ve implemented it yet. So until they do, looks like an opportunity for a mod.

I specifically said that we’re still discussing the planned solution and did not mean to imply that we had started to implement it.

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