Announcement post for next release

I think believe are some notes on Git (but I can’t find the file) about what you are working on for the next release.

Anyway we can put this in the announcements?

– things we are working on now
– bugs working on
– features
– hope to get in .6, but probably later
– this mods are being moved in
– following mods are already rolled into main branch
– following mods not in

Then add:
– things we could use help with (so things you are working on that you could use someone to jump on)
– things we want to get in, but no one is working. for people to volunteer to help
– if there are lists, it could be easier for people to jump in and help.

Also, can someone make a sticky full mod post.
– first post has: mods currently rolled into main branch
– mods not yet rolled into main branch
– mods close to being rolled (hope to have rolled in in next few releases)
– then for mods not rolled in, list the ones with major changes (like dinomod)

I support this entirely.

BUT I think some things being included should be a surprise.

The feeling of noticing something and just yelling out “HOLY SHIT! YEAH! THAT IS AWESOME!” Then posting in the forum about it.
Knowing exactly what is going in and getting hyped for it, finding it and going “neat”

This happened with Reviving. Shit was awesome and out of the blue.
I say give us a hint, let us find it.

Spoilers are things that you could weld onto your Deathmobile™. Put it all in; if you don’t want the info, no need to read it.