Android Scenario

I think they should bring it.
R.I.P Android Profession.

scenario where we get bionics for start? we have speciall classes what have starting bionics

What would be the difference between the profession and the scenario?
a senario is different from others by location and other enviromental factors as well as the state the character is in at the time of starting.
not his stats abillities muations traits or profession …
so what would this scenario offer? where do we start in which shape under which conditions etc… your not proposing anything.

The old android proffesion was like the commercial cyborg (or whatever) but it had 3 (i think) bionics and a random one that was good.

Random starting stats/abilities/whatever are one of the scummiest thing ever.

“RNG decided to fuck this start up, better retry until I get a good one”

No dude it wasn’t overpowered (or at least I never got one :P)

This feels like it should probably be in the suggestions forum, it’s still not a great idea unless you explain a little better what you meant by Android scenario?
You mean an option to start somewhere that would make sense for an Android character, and be limited to choosing Android professions? Remember a scenario affects where you start and your conditions, not what items you have, thats for professions IIRC.

If that’s what you mean then where would the character start?
Maybe in a lab as an android experiment? Could be surrounded by dead scientists and zombies, you got trapped in a room defending scientists from their own experiments, now they’re dead and you escape? Little too similar to regular lab start though, maybe specifically an ice lab, a few floors down?
What condition would they be in?
Assuming same suggested scenario above. Maybe infected, bleeding and quite damaged, broken arm possibly? You’ve just been through a tough fight and failed, the result is a heavily damaged character, but you are getting some bionics for pretty much free, you should have to earn this characters survival
Are there any advantages/disadvantages to the Android start?
You’re in an ice lab without warm clothing already, if you don’t get out quickly, and you’re already in pain and slowed, then you’re going to freeze to death. You do start in a lab where some useful things can be grabbed on your way out though, and free bionics
Is there a specific profession you have in mind tailored to this scenario and is it balanced?
The more expensive bionic based professions, I can’t currently remember what they are exactly or their point cost, but the scenario would be balanced around them. Maybe with another profession called Lab Android that gives you a set of randomly generated bionics, sure some people would scum it, but it’ll add to challenge for anyone who wants it, although it would have a limited pool of bionics to draw from

[quote=“Coolthulhu, post:5, topic:8067”]Random starting stats/abilities/whatever are one of the scummiest thing ever.

“RNG decided to fuck this start up, better retry until I get a good one”[/quote]

This is why we eliminated it. Better to have defined choices: rerolling random chars isn’t fun.