Again, mod, doing small edits to JSON

Change cargo from 500 to 800 because only way to moving fridge in vehicle was “Wield”.

Ver 2:

  • Remove two dialogue options that lead to “hostile”, the malus for fail the dialogue stay.
  • Artifact, some edit.
    small edits2

As always, backup. Always backup!
Need new game.

  • Acid Rain is back.
  • Less killing humans:
    You can talk with bandits and recruit.
    You can solve the spy quest peacefully with lies, also you can recruit the guard.
    You can equip guards if you pity them (they sometimes got a pasta machine as weapon) and trade.
  • Cyborg are all different now.
  • Dead scientist encounter sometimes got artifacts and/or altered items
  • More choppers
  • Option for recruit Pizzaiolo, the guy charges against a horde and is hard to keep alive the way he is.
  • Cemetery small from 200 to 20
  • All felines can be a pet. :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Mole rats can be tammed…
  • You can Wear artifacts now, and you need wear them to know is bonus/malus
  • Changed some bots material (want to make them more powerful need test)
  • Some pet carriers can carry “Huge”, the weight stay the same. This is because the pet dont follow sometimes.
  • Some mission have is distance cut and also add the flag “random”. This mean the target appear near. Its because I dont want to cross several maps.
  • Added an extra question to Ally in case a mission got stuck.
  • Some NPC are a bit more easy to convince. Still cannot find how to calm “Hostile”.
  • Add 16 fake beds to all Shelters. You can explore sooner.
  • Workbench is big now. More space to store items.

You can cherry-pick files if dont like some of the changes. Edit anything you dont like. Or ask me.
This as been edited to work with experimental 10 June 2022. Use at your risk. Some features are untested in this version. There are other changes but I dont remember all :stuck_out_tongue: