Adding NPCs to mods

I want to add an NPC that when you start at a location, they will have dialogue to chose from and then follow you like a regular NPC. I added the npc.json file with my NPC, along with test TALK file and NC file, I added the NPC in the mapgen but It will not spawn…

Hmm. First, I’m assuming you’ve looked at the bandit camp’s mapgen or other NPC-spawning mapgens to see how the function is formatted?

Second, and the more obvious question, is static NPCs on in the wold you’re testing this with?

Turns on Static NPCs…Why am so stupid!..

It’s fine, I’ve made worse mistakes than that. o3o

How do I make the dialoge ask the npc to follow the player? The whole “Why should I join you?”

Hmm. Trying to find the conversation hook for that…


Ah, nice. o.o

Its always something…is there a way to change the npc’s attitude via .json?

Certain conversation responses should be able to adjust attitude. I wish that I knew how to add it to other checks, like checking for profession and such.

I added this as a response thinking it would work…{ "text": "Lets go then.", "attitude": "NPCATT_FOLLOW" , "topic": "TALK_AGREE_FOLLOW"
It will show "Lets go then as a response and the topic makes it go to the follower npc menu but the attitude portion doesn’t work. It doesn’t create an error, it just doesn’t work…

Hmm, odd. Definitely something I haven’t experimented with enough. @_@

I guess I will just keep poking at it until it works. Thanks anyway for you help.

Enable debug messages with ~. I’ve noticed some NPCs will agree to follow you then cannot walk anywhere. The debug information even states that they’re trying to follow you, but they never move at all.

The problem is that when I exit a conversation with the npc, when I talk to them again the same conversation starts from the beginning instead of the follower menu.

Huh, odd…