AAR challenge: 361 days on hardcore

I know it can be done, I suspect it has been done…

Anyway, started playing hardcore characters with 0.8 and it is a totally different feel to the game.
Q: The problem?
A: At a certain point I get too risky, dont plan ahead, which leads to a stupid, avoidable death.

So- this is a topic for hardcore after-action reports.
Goal- survive 361 days, in game, with 90 days seasons.
Feel free to follow low-risk strategies.
Just post your characters, and their hardcore stories so far.

Those rules are a little vague(in fact, there’s no rules)…

What are you confused about? All you need is 90 day seasons and the hardcore trait. Anything else goes.

Too hardcore for my liking but I wish good luck to people who attempt the challenge.

I mean, that the hardcore trait + spawning rate 0,0 + classic zombies + size 16 cities = simple as pie
See what I mean now?

90 days seasons… sounds cool!

I think I can do this. It will be a problem for me because when I first start, I take a beating getting loot down to Red | levels and occasionally :'s. Then I usually heal up over the course of two days honing a skill in the wild. High Risk/ High Reward.

Cata is about employing different strategies, and I’ll try this. If I do it, I’ll post the results.

[quote=“HS1342, post:4, topic:3290”]I mean, that the hardcore trait + spawning rate 0,0 + classic zombies + size 16 cities = simple as pie
See what I mean now?[/quote]The rules allow flexibility in terms of difficulty. Put a 5 in front of that spawning rate for more fun.

That kills a lot of people D:

I tried challenging myself with 0.5 spawn rate and 16 huge cities. Easier than it sounds. :S
Throwing rocks kills classic zombies ridicously fast.

But hardcoring? I wanna try that!

i think its more fun to jack up the number of zombies radically and try to survive than take the hardcore trait at standard zombie spawns. hardcore radically reduces your hp, so basically if you make a mistake your basically dead. id rather avoid the hardcore trait and try to survive 361 days with high zombie spawns.

you cant survive the first few days if you start at 50x zombies (try it).

so start at 4x and every week increase by some agreed upon amount. possibly an exponential curve
week 2: 6x
week 3: 10x
week 4: 15x
week 5: 22x

and so on…

Does that work? I imagine static spawns might require a new game for spawn density changes.

Now we’re talking FUN.
I’ll give this a shot when my current game ends. I don’t like increasing city density because it turns out it muscles out all the cool countryside locations like labs, outposts, farms, sewer stations, and the like. If you want 1,000,000 boring homes on your map then go ahead and increase the density, I don’t. I’ll probably reset all the options to default and be xXxhardcorexXx.

If you’re doing this you should post a status update for each month that goes by. I guess our games would start roughly in March if we’re talking about calendars?

I would watch said thread.

I recently started playing with 90 day seasons for more realism.

If someone is doing this, make some updates in this topic!

@grizzly: spawns are location based. i dont know what the exact borders are of location, but places you have been will no thave their spawns changed, but as you move over the map, you will see an increase.

its not quite a massive increase on top of you, but still massively fun. after a few weeks, most people will have a vehicle, guns, etc… so your pretty strong. so this adds a new element. also mobs follow you, so you better have traps and such setup around your shelter or your in trouble.

Ok, I’ve been using hardcore and 90 day seasons now.
So far so good, but even the slightest scratch are quite severe.

Beware of explosives and multiple shocker zombies. You can get insta-popped.

Had some nice tries, died stupidly from smoke inhalation on day 46, so seen mid-April.

Will post a detailed new AAR with settings tommorow.

Generally feel free to adjust difficulty etc as you like it.
I usually play it with static spawns, and on “full”. Classic zombies have a different feel.

Didnt make it past day 1!
Although… I did choose to make a melee character. Baseballer start… and did manage to get 90 kills… Nailbat ftw. Oh well! I’ll definitely try this again on a day where I have more time. It was a fun half an hour or so though!