A specialized command to empty an entire stack at once?

I have encountered a circumstance were I posses a dozen bottles of water, I need to empty the bottles into a larger container to fill the bottles with petrol. Pressing i and scrolling thru the extensive item list is a pain, is their some command or complex command I can initiate to pour them all out, similar to Shift+D for dropping?

This also Comes with a second Inquiry, Is their any way to fill multiple containers at once from a Petrol Pump?

Filling multiple containers is not as simple as dropping as the former requires to select destination containers, so it is up to player to decide which container should be filled (just like when you select drop command destination).

Note that ‘U’ will get you to an unload menu, where you can then select the bottle. You’ll still have to unload them one by one, but it’ll save you quite a few keypresses. It’s also very nice when scavenging, to get the batteries of all the crap on the ground.

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If you have a standing tank, or an empty vehicle tank, you can fill it from containers in your inventory, all in one go. You’ll need a rubber hose to get it back out of a vehicle, though.

Add one bottle to the large container, then hit “r” and refill that container, it should limit the list to only other containers that share that liquid within reach.