A small idea about manual church bells

What do you think about the idea of manual church bells? I don’t know if those bells are still in use but it would be great to use them as a zombie bait. Just pull the rope for a minute, run outside and hide. Zombies are coming so let them pass and feel free to scavenge the city

There are computer-driven church belts, fired up from computer console in church, or was it cathedral?

Wow, I’ve never seen any working consoles in cathedrals.
But I guess it makes a lot of sense as an in-game mechanic. Manual bells would require significantly more work in development, from redesigning the interiors to implementing new objects, as I imagine.

Yeah, there’s always one working console in the back of cathedral, where you can activate a bell there.
It can even play different types of melody iirc. Wedding, funeral, gathering… Or I’m wrong.