A Options config suggestion

I just think it would be nice to be able to adjust the size of the reality bubble that is your characters mere existence progresses the world

I just think it could help some with a framerate issue which i have bean starting to notice nowdays like when driving and sleeping. also for higher powered computers you could increase reality bubble size

Could break too many things IMHO. Just from a coding point of view.

Zireael’s right. We’ve checked on this a few times, and though it looks simple, the amount of calculations involved can grow quite impressively.

“Just change the bubble based on your performance” sounds interesting but in practice would drastically alter the game based on people’s hardware (guns have better reach, stuff happens out of your sight range, etc). So a config option is unlikely, and in practice the bubble’s about as large as we can justify for low-spec hardware.

(One reason free/open-source is so popular is because it’s not expensive and does not require the latest and greatest computer. I don’t play roguelikes because I enjoy cheap-shot difficulty; I play them because I enjoy cheap-on-my-wallet gaming.)