A Lovecraft conduct

I whipped this up on /rlg/ the other day and thought you guys might find it interesting.

Of some note in the subsequent discussion was a bit of contention about Schizophrenia; I didn’t think it fit, as a sort of natural mental disorder as opposed to the true, otherworldly insanity that Lovecraft wrote about, and given the fact that most of its gameplay effects have more to do with zombies than horrors. But that’s just my opinion.
I’d like to hear what you think.

I’d personally would love more lovecraftian lore ant atmosphere in the game, although probably in the form of a mod.

Seeing that the “classic” mod has already been merged (up to a degree) and there’s been talk here and there about adding even more world generation options, all this would eventually be possible (I mean, even easier as it is now).

Changing all the buildings to either victorian or early XX century versions, gear, weapons and clothes to those available in those eras, and zombies to deep ones, etc shouldn’t be that hard, even now. We could have our own randomized and personalized version of Escape from Innsmouth each time we play. And that would be just for starters.

And sanity. Not the “sanity” system we have now, but a real one. Accompanied by real, painstaking, morale effects. Not yippie-happy-hey! survivors anymore, but emo realistic-pessimistic ones that curse each awakening in this nightmarish new world ruled by eldritch creatures. IMO in a mod like the one I’m imagining here (heck, even in vanilla) you should fight for your psychological survival as much as for your physical one. And both should be as lethal.

About the proposed house rules for CataDDA, well, I think it’s easier to write it than to make it happen. Apart from editing a new profession with all the starting gear you still rely on luck to find spawns of nether creatures and the like, or the places where they lurk. Stuff like this always end up being just good intentions. You try to focus your character but end being the average survivor with average gear, vehicles, weapons, etc… except maybe in your mind. But if that makes this guy a happier player, hey, more power to him.

It’s perfectly easy to make happen. Follow the rules.

Playing Cataclysm ‘optimally’, with two trenchcoats and a backpack offset by fitted under-armor stacking, army pants, maximal bionics, hoarding shotgun slugs for a sawn-off Saiga, and careful Mutation management is boring. I already know how to do all that.

Adhering to a conduct would certainly make the game harder, especially with respect to volume, but it isn’t impossible, and nothing is forcing anyone to be “average”. I frankly don’t understand where you’re coming from.

One of the very first places I found in cataclysm was a strange Altar in the woods and yes, I burned those motherfucking woods to the ground.
I then trapped the area around the altar itself, just to make sure.
Don’t want any of those goddamn evil cultists NPCs stumbling into somewhere they could be possessed.

My proposal: SCP Agent.

Assault Rifle, Pistol, Combat Knife.

Gasmask, kevlar, army pants, army helmet.

You have been assigned to the New England area to begin prepartions for counter-plan to the current GH-class dead greenhouse scenario. Capture all artifacts, destroy all traces of SCP-008 (Known to the populace as “zombies”), attempt to sterilize sites of extradimensional intrusion by any means possible (AKA use nuclear silos to nuke blobs/triffids/bee hives), gather evidence from science labs to root out the cause of the cataclysm.

I could attempt to make that as a profession.

What assault rifle and pistol?

Also, how many points would it cost?

For a SCP Agent? I imagine it’d be a Steyr AUG and a USP 45. I imagine it would cost a lot of points because that’s basically you set up for the game, but I don’t know the standards for profession points.

ergh… To be honest I don’t like the SCP Foundation that much. Too much mediocre /x/ spookypasta.

Call it an operative or something. 5-6 points.

MP5 or some other SMG (barring MAC-10/TEC-9.)
Combat knife
2 Mags of ammunition

polo shirt
Army pants
Belt rig

Maybe add in a cheap lighter or MP3 player too.

We need BDUs. Polo Shirts don’t strike me as army standard issue.

Hell yeah. As it stands now a polo shirt is the only thing that seems close enough to me. (and even then, not really. You see some PMC wearing them with webbing and stuff, but still I’d hardly call it a decent standard.)

Might I suggest instead a suit? For that James Bond feel.

My last character managed to grab a perfect fitting suit, and found a monocle and tophat in the first two houses he raided.

Unfortunately due to him not being used to wearing a monocle he managed to faceplant himself into a landmine.

[quote=“Iosyn, post:12, topic:1073”]My last character managed to grab a perfect fitting suit, and found a monocle and tophat in the first two houses he raided.

Unfortunately due to him not being used to wearing a monocle he managed to faceplant himself into a landmine.[/quote]
This is why I’ve taken to starting with 12 Perception, in general I merely lose both my arms (and maybe a leg) rather than my face, though.
I’m seriously wondering why this particular 6 house town has 50+ landmines littering the area, I’ve lost a dozen characters so far to random landmines+wolves+zombie dogs, all the roads leading out have landmines (There goes the only car left in town), several open fields in town have landmines, there are random caches in the wilderness (just in case I try to escape cross-country), it’s getting ridiculous.

Mine town!

It’s probably meant a distraction to invading enemy forces, since it would be impossible to navigate without ending up with significantly less limbs then you formerly had.