A couple of suggestions

Working on a mod in the spare time, I’ve probably found one or two aspect of the game that needs (may be) a little cosmetic touch. Here you are my two cents. :slight_smile:

  • BYPRODUCTS: This useful option is actually active only in recipes, isn’t it? I think that it can be “ported” also inside tools “use_action”. For example: I can imagine a “Suture Medikit” that drop a bloody rag and/or a needle, using a simple “byproducts” command in the .Json… Generally speaking, neat for advanced leftovers coding. :smiley:

  • MENU_OPTION_TEXT: If present, use the user (re)defined text label also to override the command in the “Access List Of Actions” menu (%). In this way, we can easily have an “expandable baton” that “expand” itself, and don’t “turn on” as a “flashlight” do. :wink:

Byproducts from first aid are doable by jsons alone (rags do it), but they may have problems with stacking. For example, adrenaline injectors stack to 200 or so, but syringes are 1 volume each.

The second one sounds good, though it would require 2 passes for the ‘%’ menu, slowing it down a bit.