91c19e2 SWAT officer submachine and marksmanship skill frozen at 3

Just started a SWAT officer, assault on precint Z scenario. Killed a bunch of zombies using my starting Hk mp5 but the skills are still at at 3 (0%). Made it to day 7 with everyday use of my submachinegun without and progression in these two skills.

You need a more accurate gun/ammo combo. Add mods to your gun, accurise it (gunsmith kit).
I still haven’t found a weapon to get Handguns higher than 3 though.

How high you can get the skill depends on perception.

The scaling with perception should probably be stronger.

The overall effect is intended, but the numbers might have drifted, will double-check them.

Did we remember to update the dispersion effect on XP gain when all guns’ dispersion was multiplied? I’ve got a feeling that we didn’t.