0.C-5745 - MinGW Runtime Assertion

Windows, tiles.


Folding Parts Pack

Icecoon’s Arsenal
More Craftables
More Survival Tools

Vehicles Addons Pack
Tanks and Other Vehicles


MinGW Runtime Assertion

Assertion failed!
File: src/line.cpp, Line 321

Expressions: !line.empty() && line.front() != line.back()

Crashed multiple times now. Haven’t been doing anything remarkable, just running away from zeds at night.
If there’s more information I can supply to help resolve this, let me know.


Should crash after just running around for a while. Try heading north-ish I suppose.


This means something tries to draw a 0 length line.

Without a backtrace there isn’t much that can be said, though.

Any vehicle turrets in range? Are there any smart enemies (mi-gos, zed masters/necros) around?

Not to my knowledge, but cannot confirm for sure as it’s night. Main issue was I had been getting harassed by Shady Zombies.

How would I go about gathering more information to get to the root of this issue?

Would probably be best if you just uploaded a save somewhere and described what to do to get the crash.

I’d assume you just need the world folder?

Should crash after just running around for a while. Try heading north-ish I suppose.

Couldn’t reproduce. Will need more data.

I get it as well, walking around in the early game while exploring the town. Can’t figure out how to reproduce it exactly, but its happening all the time.

I am using some of the same mods:
Folding Parts Pack
More Craftables
More Survival Tools
Vehicles Addons Pack

I am also getting some turret errors on occasion, but they dont crash my game. Will create a new game with Blaze and see what happens.

Yeah, got the turret errors as well, but they are almost certainly from the tanks/vehicle mod; at least they’re not fatal errors.

Started a new game without Blaze’s mod and havent had any errors. I am guessing that could be the culprit.

Pretty sure I still had it happen with all mods 'cept for StatsThroughSkills disabled. At the very least I’ve had the crash occur when I was in the basement of a building. That one really stumped me.

Yep. You are right. Still getting it. On latest build, too - 5752

I PR’d a potential fix, but it’s a random guess (and not merged yet).
If I guessed right, it’s about critters trying to path to their own position.

Got that kind of error on clear game without mods. So I think that it is not connected with mods.
Also I’ve got than monster was in the building.