0.C-5731 - Hotplate and mess kit charges are not being used

Windows, tiles.

My char is in the car on a reading binge. Occasionally I cook up a meal. I had put a fully charged hotplate and a mess kit in the adjacent trunk earlier. So I keep reading, cooking, reading, cooking, sleeping, cooking etc. Then I start to wonder how the hotplate and the mess kit are doing… Turns out they’re still both fully charged… They’re both unmodified, running off of regular batteries… well, I mean, supposed to be.

Can’t explain that.

Edit: If I take one or the other device in my inventory, and choose to use that for cooking purposes, then the charges are used normally. But if I choose the device in the trunk, that one’s charges don’t get used.

Are you sure you aren’t in something like a RV that has a kitchen unit that runs off batteries or something? Maybe there’s another mess kit/hotplate around?

If the answer to both of those is no, then idk.

I’ve cooked hundreds of meals. Boiled gallons upon gallons of water. No kitchen unit. Not once I’ve had to reload/recharge anything while doing so.

I have no idea then.

Maybe it could help if you posted your save file somewhere for others to check out.