[0.9-1507-gb86ad62] Adding trunk/box to frame require reload

Whenever installing a new frame and trunk or box, it shows up as -null part- until save/reload.

Same here.

… and whatever you do, do NOT attempt to repair a -null part- or you’ll get a CTD runtime error. lol

It looks like anything that’s supposed to go to one “location” in the vehicle causes a “null part” to come into existence.

(Discovered when installing a “truck battery” into a welding rig, version gfde938a)

…I stand corrected, it appears to happen no matter what you install…

Vehicle builders might want to consider testing Ianestrachan’s latest PR,

Which supposedly fixes this problem by refreshing the cache when parts are installed.

If it gets tested, hopefully this one line change can be merged really quick.

And merged! Should be fixed. Report if not fixed.