Zombie AI Not Agressive?

I might be mistaking a new feature as a bug or something, but it seems the zombies are now really… passive.
I can stand 2 tiles away from one and instead of coming at me, it will simply wander off, or do a kind of circle.

This includes all types of enemies. Dogs simply run in one area, shockers seem uninterested, etc.
Everything takes a large amount of taunting to get them to chase you. not very undead like at all.

Saving and reloading when using a new character seems to fix it, oddly enough…

I am of course using the latest build, commit 6552a86ef9

edit: and while I’m at it, it seems if you (d)rop and item that you’re wearing, it now goes to the inventory. it used to be that you could simply (d)rop something you were wearing onto the ground, now you have to either drop it twice, or remove it then drop it. seems like an exercise in redundancy if its not a bug.

double edit: I forget to mention, thank you for everyone who’s put their time and effort into this game. you’re all amazing people, and you’re loved.

Seems to be a problem with the new smell tracking separated code. Hopefully we’ll have a fix up before too much longer.

The dropped clothing bug is known.