Why I Hate Bionics

Instakill, Ughhhh.

I had at least 4.5 bars torso health (strength 8), with electronics 4-5, firstaid 4-5, and mechanics 4-5 and I still died instantly. I took the 33% chance but was the instakill necessary? It even autosaved after it put me to sleep so I’m dead for good. I was ok if I got a malfunctioning bionic or a big hit or something.

At least mutations aren’t inject-dead even if tearing through all your super good armor is pretty bad. Or needing so much food you may as well die now.

Anyways, this was my most successful character so far heading into making deathmobile stuff, homebrewed mutagen, and low life bionics. 10/10 would play again. How do you guys that actually do like bionics deal with the odds?

Turn off autosaving, fiddle with keybindings to activate save option and debug menu, save, do the surgery, if it fails - alt+f4 instantly, in worst case you’ll find your character’s corpse copied with all the items while still having an uninstalled bionic

Yeah, i’m a proud savescummer :slight_smile:

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I have no problem accepting a failed bionic if it means something like a leaky bionic or a broken limb, but an instakill from just about full hp makes me salty.

I too savescum, but only if I die from something like an out of sight turret or another IKO. Or for real life reasoning like, who in real life would pull the pin on a grenade and throw there crowbar instead :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Do you have BioCo active? It had a bug that would always kill you.

Can you elaborate on this one?I’m curious as i might work on fixing it if it’s nothing special

I don’t know what BioCo is but I don’t think I have it and I had installed 5 or 6 cbms before dying.

Level up skills so failure chance isn’t higher than, what it was, 28% I think.
Also, from the wiki: "Failing to install or uninstall a bionic can inflict up to 80 damage. This could very well instantly kill your character, so be warned. ". So there went your 4.5 bars. Never try installing bionics with high fail chance if any corresponding limb have <100% hp. Especially head and torso, for obvious reasons.

Valase fixed it for me here, and the fix is now included in the Mods Unleashed compilation. I just thought there was a chance that Blue might have an old version.

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I was summoned! Hi there.

Yes, not having full health and a strenght of 8 (or lower) has a chance to kill you instantaneously. I’ve made some calculations about that in an other post.
And @GiggleGrassGatherer is right:

…(if your Base HP is around 80)…

I imagine the autodoc as a CNC machine… If you want to get an impression of what it probably would do to your (characters) body if it was set up wrongly, check out some CNC fails on your preferred video platform (if I’m allowed to suggest a video, check this one out)… So yeah, killing you right away seems harsh but fair to me.

Level up skills so failure chance isn’t higher than, what it was, 28% I think.

To elaborate on that a little bit, the lower the chance of failure the less drastic the failures are. I don’t know the exact number but yeah if you have low chance of failure then you can’t get the 80 damage failure.

I do, unless it has changed. Just stay below 29%. It’s still possible to get damaged, but the maximal amount is a lot less (at max 6 HP if I read the code correctly). So, just don’t implant (or rip out) a bionic if you have just one HP bar left while also keeping the failure chance below 29% and you should be fine.